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Corso De Nicola 20
10128 Torino, ITALY

60 pp., 10,000 lire

A stunning collection of visible poetry, "poesia multimediale." About half the work in Italian, (a couple of 'em translated from/into English), some in English. The real draws, tho, are the ones that need no translation, that transcend the bounds of a singular vocabulary via visual context. Carla Bertola's sound-poem scripts, Giancarlo Pavanello's destroyed text, Valeri Scherstjanoi's dancing glyphs, and Massimo Pattaro's multi-lingual text-collage--as well as Russia's Serge Segay & Rea Nikonova--all help build bridges over our tongue-tied traffic-snarl of Babel. And although I double-checked a dictionary for "diecimila" (the cover-price in lire), I didn't need one to understand the copy of a Italian Postal Service letter, apologizing for their machine mangling a letter--a seemingly universal experience.--luigi

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