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OPEN 24 HOURS #9, 1993

PO Box 50376
Washington DC, 20091

49 pp., $3.00

Editor Buck Downs has an eclectic eye and a sense of Dionysian abandon--the focus is on bestrange-ment here (Ezra Pound's "making it new"), and each poem catches the reader and skews her/his perceptions. Skip Fox's "Spring" is a wild, fleshy celebration of mud, gender, and blossoming flowers. Brett Evans collages words into a Southern-ringed pulse of sounds. Work by John M. Bennett, John McNally, George J. Farrah, Cheryl Townsend, and many others also included. Mosthere is surreal, lyric, LANGUAGE influenced--some are even updated Beats, grooving language to obtain a vision.--Susan Smith Nash

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #3,
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