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Stephen Perkins (ed.):

Plagiarist Press 1816 E. College St. Iowa City IA, 52245

52 pp., $6.00

SUBSPACE is both an ongoing archive of micropress zines, and an occasional gallery space that sponsored the INTERNATIONAL ZINE SHOW last year--this publication is the catalog from that exhibition. Geographically ranging from Belgium to Uruguay; subject matter is even more far-flung--but with particular emphasis on punk, anarchy, mail-artists, and queerzines. Each entry includes description, address, and a cover-shot of the zine in question (hundreds of them!); many also include notes by the individual editors on their perception of zines & the micropress underground. Some of these publications may no longer be in business--nevertheless, this is a dense and meticulous portrait of the scene at a particular moment in our history, and an invaluable resource--luigi

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #3,
Copyright Burning Press 1993, 1995.

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