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#13, December 1992

Box 702
Bowie, MD, 20718

40 pp., $2.50

Poetry is the message here, with Judson Crews, Lyn Lifshin, Paul Weinman, and many others letting us hear what they have to say. Among the standout poems in this issue were "The Job" by Charlie Mehrhoff, which contrasts the plight of homelessness ("i work near the fields of homeless/ here in town") with working in a bakery ("i wash my hands/ in constant ceremony./ i wash my hands."). Eric Cash's "Morehead, Kentucky" reminded me of my mountain drives through the Bluegrass state, filled with the beauty of nature and the poverty-stricken desperation of Appalachian towns. Jenny Cornuelle's "Below the Belt" captures the stripper strut on the walk, and she treats her lovers like strangers treat her when she dances, as just another fast distraction. And Marc Swan's "Rhythm" captures a young lover's sexual exploration, an abortion, and the disjointed separation. There are many other fine poems in this collection, far too many to talk about in a review--for once, #13 isn't an unlucky number.--oberc

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