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THE SCREAM FACTORY #10, Autumn 1992

4884 Peperwood Way
San Jose CA, 95124

124 pp., $6.00

An entire issue devoted to the worst horror in the world, this publication is a hoot. Areas covered included novels, stories, films, comics, television, Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, pulp fiction and more. A serious look at the really, really bad. Categories including Worst Christian Horror Novel, Worst "Abominable Snowman" Novel, Worst "Giant Insects" Novel. Examples from those movies your folks told you to stop watching and for God's sake get outside it's sunny. And dialogue like "'You mean to inject the formula into your cows and send them to terrorize the countryside,' the doctor's assistant soon realizes. 'You mean to conquer, loot and become powerful on the threat of annihilation of your monster-cows!'"--John Stickney

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