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SLUGS & LETTUCE #30, 1993

PO Box 2067 Peter Stuy. Stn.
New York NY, 10009

8 pp., SASE

Again, more on the NYC punk scene. The zine, however, continues to expand with contributions from others. Great classifieds and reviews remain, but editor Christine has eliminated the "man-looking-for-women" personals. No loss. Still plenty of punk contacts and merchandise ads.

In her front page column, Chris reflects on the weather, her life and goals. This woman's honesty astounds--she bares her soul in a way few ever do as she describes some of her worries, hopes and dreams now that she has attained the milestone of a college degree.

There are also more contributors who have back page columns on a variety of topics, from homelessness to motivation to education. Some, like Randy Boone, show the same frankness and personal energy that we've come to expect from Chris.

My only complaint has to do with the ever-decreasing print size: I almost needed a magnifying glass as more & more is packed into the same 8 pages. Maybe it's time for another format.--Ron Zack

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