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TIGHT Vol. 4 #3, June 1993

PO Box 1591
Guerneville CA, 95446

72 pp., $4.50

A broad array of current underground poetry with practically every form represented. Editor Ann Erikson should be commended for her openness to so many different approaches. From a single issue of TIGHT one could begin to get a feel of what is happening generally and then pursue the avenue of his or her inclination. This issue begins with "Yellow Paint Across" by Shelia E. Murphy, which (compared to other of her work) seems to be pulling itself apart, opening up, allowing our imaginations room to roam. Written this way we are allowed to contemplate individual lines for all their music. Darrel L. Pritchard contributes a dose of poetry one could vanish into and reappear who knows where. There's also wonderful new poetry by Crag Hill, a play by B. Z. Niditch and so much more, including another of Lani Schick's exquisitely wrought covers.--Jake Berry

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