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Paul Weinman & afungusboy:

afungusboy press
16 E. Johnson St. #c
Philadelphia PA, 19144

20 pp., 50 cents

Paul Weinman's poetry has become more surreal and dislocated of late and combines very well here with afungusboy's collages. The images are strong, unforgettable, and humorous in both forms. For instance, two combs juxtaposed on advertisements, and a lone extracted molar are boxed apart by crude lines with an old hat on top of the whole, the letters "m" and "o" hover above and below the tooth. On the page facing it we read, "The mirror made parchesi / as I looked for my baby teeth./ 'The Good Fairy will shove it up her woowoo.'" Joyous and painful simultaneously, MY MORNING FEET is one of those small otherstream masterpieces that make that trip to your mailbox worthwhile.--Jake Berry

A sequence of eight poems by Weinman each paired with a collage/graphic illustration by afungusboy. These concise, neat poems are among Weinman's best, and combine an expressionistic surrealism with the grit of daily life. They have to do with sexuality, childhood, and gardening, and are perfectly balanced by afungusboy's mix of blurred fragments and specific clear images.--John M. Bennett

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