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W'ORCs-- ALOUD ALLOWED Vol. 8 # 5, May 1993

PO Box 27309
Cincinnati OH 45227

22 pp., $3.00

Editors Ralph LaCharity and Bill Pollack are given to shouting their poems while hanging drunk from the nearest streetlight at the least (i.e. with absolutely no) provocation. The last time they and pals did so, outside a Brady's Café poetry reading in Kent Ohio, the local constabulary took offence--apparently, just printing their 'zine on legal size paper doesn't make poetry legal. Anyway, much of this issue is taken up by odes & reportage from the above-mentioned poetry reading/transgression, in the best hang-drunk-from-the-streetlight-&-holler style. However, despite what some here claim, I don't think this particular travesty of justice ranks up there with the 20-year-ago May 4th shootings (which took place just up the hill).--luigi

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