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WORMFEAST #19, 1993

PO Box 519
Westminster MD, 21158

28 pp., $3.00

This is a bombardment to the senses, mixing politically correct nonsense with politically incorrect monstrosities, leaving the reader wondering what to do once s/he has dropped it on the floor. Should you lean over, leaving your backside open to articles about Fagegories which talk about the various "advantages" and "drawbacks" of gay culture. Or do you lean back in your chair and appreciate the likes of Ace Backwards, a quick line from the folks at COKEFISH, a poem from BLANKGUN SILENCER's Dan Nielsen, a quick Diana sketch, or a handful of poems that promise to leave curled up hairs in your fingers. This can be seen as an opportunity, or a pitfall, but I like to think of it as a pleasant distortion that makes me rethink the things I thought I already knew.--oberc

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