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XEROTIC EPHEMERA #8, Summer 1991

900 Tennessee Studio 15
San Francisco CA, 94107

48 pp., $4.00

Subtitled "A Thick of Rare Occassionals," this isn't all that thick, but it is "foaming at the page," and full of thought-enhancing poetry, short stories, essays, reviews, collages, abstract and weird art. Includes an intelligent pro-choice essay, and excerpt from Hugh Fox's novel SHAMEN, Belinda Subraman's social-radical-political collages, plus a life-sized photo of the flaccid sexual organs of a 27-year old man. There's a message being congealed within these pages, but I didn't find it clear. However, while reading, it came to me that somewhere between LSD flashbacks and self-induced anarchic potential, we may have been replaced by cerebral peacocks.--R.R. Lee Etzwiler

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