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#14, 1993

2672 West 14th St.
Cleveland OH, 44113

116 pp., $10.00

An epic assemblage, a box of poemcards, a visual and tactile a/maze to get lost in. Loosely organized around a Tarot theme, the poets and visual artists here cross each other's palms and palimpsests with signs & disfigures, casting fortunes to the winds to wind up with treasure, Fool's gold. Energetic and inclusive rather than careful, the press of culture collapsed & collaged from ancient texts & CocaCola ads, culture plundered rather than revered. Under the frantic rubble, there's a range of fine poetry (Amy Sparks, John Byrum, Stacey Sollfrey, Ben Gulyas...) & graphics (Beth Wolfe, Melissa J. Craig, Valerie Marek...), plus plenty that is both, or neither. A few pieces seemed out of place, either dispensable or reprinted from previous issues, which adds something of a mailart "no rejection" feel. Plenty to choose from though, and the card format lets you shuffle & edit your own version.--luigi

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #4,
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