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#7, 1993

1240 William St.
Racine WI, 53402

52 pp., $3.00

BGS is a prime vehicle in the otherstream for gritty realistic poetry, with drawings, collages, and a little surreality thrown in for good measure. This issue even kicks off with that master of grit himself, Charles Bukowski. But he's not the only master. Further installments of Steve Richmond's "Gagaku", Kurt Nimmo, editor Dan Nielsen's drawings, Lyn Lifshin, Lynne Douglas sizzles, and about 50 others. This is a journal about what is all too real in our lives, and the art of how to live it.--Jake Berry

Editor Dan Nielsen knows how to capture writing with a bite, and when you toss Bukowski, Richmond, Locklin, Plymell, Androla, and many many more small press greats into one package, its like, well, filling a bottle up with gasoline, cramming a rag in the top, and lighting that rag on fire. You just know it's going to explode, and create a flash of light so bright it'll be impossible to ignore.--oberc

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