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#2, 1992

31A Waterloo St.
New Hope PA, 18938

72 pp., $8.00

An "international literary magazine [of] Beat and Post Beat... writings," combining two formerly separate magazines, COKEFISH and ALPHA BEAT SOUP. This issue is jampacked full of delightful, complex and stimulating works: Joy Walsh, Bukowski, Allen Ginsberg, Gerald Locklin, Robert Weir, Judson Crews, and Robert Howington are just a few of the large number of authors represented. Fine poets of today and yesterday barnstorm unalloyed truth-telling and yea' saying in a neo-beat tradition of unexcelled richness--complex, bold, and often warped. "Today I saw the end of the world in a friendly wave." Paul Beston chants. "...a Guthrie with Grammar skills. Traversing the U.S./ Drink and puke. Drink and puke." D.P. Funkhouser relates in alive poetic leaps. And, we can't forget the artwork by Dan Nielsen and Belinda Subraman. BOUILLABAISSE is creative emancipation, broad and angry, vivid and bleeding, shadowed by a previous generations greatness of aesthetic preference, by choice, echoing Jack and Neil, giving us Buk and Allen.--R.R. Lee Etzwiler

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #4,
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