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Ana Christy:

Alpha Beat Press
31 A. Waterloo St.
New Hope PA, 18938

80 pp., $10.00

These poems are not concentrated or dense. They describe the speaker's moments, scenes, actions, days. They'd read like fiction if there were more of a plot line. Lyn Lifshin says Christy's poetry is "fresh, energetic, open, lively..." I'd agree with all, except the "fresh"--you'll finds lots of familiar phrases, especially references to well-worn beatnik habits: "We'll get by in jeans,/ t-shirts/ and moccasins/ play dylan, read kerouac softly/ on our geranium filled porch...". One poem unfortunately ends "I'm.../ yr burp/ yr fart/ yr impotence/ yr writer's block/ yr worst nightmare!"--Mike Gill

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #4,
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