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#6, summer 1993

English Dept.
University of Southwestern Louisiana
Lafayette LA, 70504

48 pp., $3.00

There is quite a variety of excellent forward-looking poetry here, including some unusual pieces by Howard McCord, Judson Crews, and Robert Peters, and two translations from Plautus by Fred Chappell. Among the other high points in this issue are poems by Vincent Ferrari, Michael Basinski, and some amazingly lively word-play texts, written in the 1920s by Else von Freytag-Loringhoven, that seem decades ahead of their time: "Weak-Rundown Man Like/ The Growing-Miss As Well--/ Getting On And Off Unlawful/ With Jelly-Jam-Or Meyer's/ Soapnoodles--/ The Rubberset Kind Abounds--".--John M. Bennett

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