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This anthology is a joint venture between EARTH'S DAUGHTERS, one of the longest running feminist periodicals in the country, and Springhouse Editions. It is a retrospective of the magazine, which is now in its twentieth year of publishing; Fine China selects well from the 37 issues it covers. Throughout its history E.D. has opened and revealed the many aspects, facets, the many different lives of women (working women, mothers, feminists, daughters, lesbians, brides, witches etc.). Fine China does the same. Represented are the exalted women poets of our times (Levertov, Di Prima, Olds, etc.) as well as a host of other, less well known women poets, and a few men. Comprehensive, Fine China is a map of the world of women's poetry over the last two decades, decades of awareness, struggles, war, growth, and creativity. Fine China is a coven, a bee, and a well oiled literary machine. EARTH'S DAUGHTERS was and is a developing all-female commune, and a successful publishing venture. This Fine China: it is a presence of women.--Mike Basinski

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #4,
Copyright Burning Press 1994, 1995.

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