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Vol. 1 #4, Fall 1993

149 Virginia St. #7
St. Paul MN, 55102

8 pp., free fr postage = $0.52

A feisty rag, aimed at a Twin Cities audience (but useful abroad), bringing "Reviews * Essays * Information" to interested North Country readers. Feeling, it seems, that important threads in the contemporary poetry world aren't given their due locally, EXILE tries to bring some Culture to the uninitiated. Specific foci include Language poetry and sound/performance work. The regular column "New & Neglected" features reviews of Bob Perleman's "Virtual Reality" and Silliman's "Toner;" a survey of the remainder bins in local bookstores turn up recent releases from Ron Padgett and Harryette Mullen (nice remainder bins!). Past issues have had extensive information on recordings, as well as reading reviews. A personal fave in this issue is the cover story on the APA ("Aggressive Poetic Acts") Movement--suggested actions include: "'Poetry, She Wrote': In Mystery section of Bookstore, surreptitiously remove last page from copy of popular whodunit. Replace with page of Language poetry", and "'For the Record': Commit capital crime. After sentencing, when judge asks if you'd like to make a statement, read 'Projective Verse'."--luigi

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