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#11, June 1993

227 Montrose Place Apt C
St. Paul MN, 55104

16 pp.

Taking it's name from Erik Satie's "furniture music," this photocopied & stapled journal addresses an interstice somewhere between music & literature. The music side finds allies in serious experimental composers such as James Tenney, Neil Rolnick, George Crumb--working from and through the modernist "serious music" tradition but still largely outside the "canon" (many of these composer's works are (only) available through the composer's collective Frog Peak Music--Box 5036, Hanover NH 03755--which also distributes FURNITURES). The literary side leans towards work with a "sense of cosmos"--seems like they would be friendly to Rothenberg's "Ethnopoetics," and to various oral traditions. Points of contact include new music scores as/related to visual poetry, and meditative explorations of geography & terrain as oral histories &/or soundscapes. Includes reviews of recordings, scores, short essays, and about a dozen poems.--luigi

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #4,
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