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Franciscan University Press
Steubenville OH, 43952

28 pp., $5.00

This is Hopes' return to poetry after several years abstinence, with a voice consistent with that of his previous works: declarative, confident, sensual, charismatic. It's a handsome book with clean design, though typos plague the pages.

Nevertheless, the strong voice goes right for the big topics: poems tell that life itself is the greatest thrill God gives us; death is a part of that cycle and so is also thrilling; those of us who are blessed with this awareness will declare the news to others not out of obligation but because the inherent joy makes declaration irresistible; and no amount of glorification suffices to give thanks for it. If this sound too joyous or nice for you, don't be fooled: there's nothing naive or cute. The declarations are earned with blood.--Mike Gill

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