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Ann Imperato:

Andromeda Press
PO Box 423592
San Francisco CA, 94102

28 pp., $3.00

There's a feminist edge to these poems, mixed with anger and understanding, which can be a dangerous combination. In "Blond-Wig Warrior" we get the blood and perfume and efficiency of a street corner whore turned into a moving weapon. "His Arm" captures a misspelled lover's name in a tattoo based on the love of pain rather than the love of another person; "Dirty Knees" kicks male sexists in their vital organs; "Penetration" grabs the physical joy of sex and leaves you feeling turned inside out... and on & on. In "These Birds," Ann starts out with "They say the San Francisco Tenderloin/ is the armpit of 'Frisco/ But I say it's the mouth"--no apologies, nor forgiveness, you know right up front where she's coming from.-o

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