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Dan Nielsen:

BGS Press
1240 William St.
Racine, WI, 53402

16 pp., $2.00

Nielsen is back in full force, armed to the teeth, and ready to attack with small bursts of brutal honesty. This collection includes a great poem about amnesia, only upon examination the individual turns out to "not have a name and/ nothing has ever happened to you." In "Now What?" we get a Catholic tale of an oversexed 14 year-old who prays to "the blessed virgin" and ends up fucking her in his dreams. The best line in this book, filled with great one-liners, is: "i said, 'our bed/ is like a rock/ in the middle/ of the ocean.' and she said, 'well,/ let's get a new one.'"--oberc

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #4,
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