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Kurt Nimmo:

Persona Non Grata
46000 Geddes Rd., #86
Canton MI, 48188

64 pp., $5.00

Kurt Nimmo is one of those people you would rather not have live next door, but you'd be damned sure to put him at the top of your mailing list. He captures the joy of ugliness, the thrill of existentialism and the sensationalism of commercial pop culture in clean easy sweeps of words. In SUSAN ATKINS we read about his lusting loins for a touch of Susan, even thought we all know that Susan is Charlie Manson's girl and Kurt doesn't have a chance in hell. Page after page of lust and infatuation follow, and the only relief comes at the end of the book, when there are no more words. But by then, you have an infatuation for Susan as well. This is a book to hide from your kids; read it a second time and try to decide whether or not Nimmo is putting you on, or is so goddamn serious he should be locked up right away.--oberc

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