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#19, Fall/Winter 1993

3030 E. Second St.
Long Beach CA, 90803

96 pp., $6.00

Work by Judson Crews, Gerald Locklin, Todd Moore, Paul Weinman, Charles Bukowski, et al.... as well as a chapbook by Mark Weber entitled The Bones of an Ancient Thesaurus. Standouts include work by the aforementioned Locklin, Weber, and Bukowski, as well as Kathleen Zeisler Goldman's "The Right Way To Be A Woman": "She smiles/ through the damnedest things./ Things like disease, divorce, miscarriage,/ rape, beatings, her own death/ and the deaths of her children." This is a damn good publication, worth every cent; filled with little poems by big names, and big poems by little names, seducing each other as they sit back-to-back on the page.--oberc

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