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"The Interview Issue," featuring (naturally enough) interviews with: Dennis Tedlock, Masani Alexis de Veaux, Robert Creeley, Eric Mottram, Ge(of) Huth, Charles Bernstein, & Rosmarie Waldrop. Not particularly informal, these are mostly concerned with background comments on recent work by the interviewees, though Creeley's is more taken with visual artists & reminisce on various Black Mountain personalities. In keeping with one of the ongoing concerns of this magazine, the technical process of interviewing (transcription, excerpting) is given some direct attention, most noticeably in the Dennis Tedlock interview where some of the editorial technique is rendered graphically. We always knew, when reading interviews, that those folks didn't just sit down & actually talk like that--Bernstein went so far as to re-write someof his interview afterwards, ensuring that we "get" what he thought he meant to say... but what else was lost?--luigi

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #4,
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