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#1, Spring 1993

PO Box 6872 Yorkville Station
New York NY, 10128

56 pp., $3.95

Appropriately, RANT contains tirades about life, love, and politics. No one will agree with all the points of view expressed herein--making converts is not the point; eloquent, soapbox bitching with momentum is the point. Twisted minds are not shunned. This issue reprints a section of Rimbaud's "A Season in Hell"--some quotations illustrate Vitale's editorial ethic: "I have swallowed a monstrous dose of poison. Thrice blessed be the counsel that came to me!... The violence of the venom twists my limbs, deforms and prostrates me. How nicely I burn. Go to it, demon!" Some of the more contemporary tirades address grocery store clerk rudeness, waiting for results of AIDS tests, and obesity.--Mike Gill

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