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May & June 1993

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Seattle WA, 98145

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This is a monthly one-page reviewsheet, focusing (almost) exclusively on publications from Seattle & environs. The strength of such a regional project lies in it's potential to build a sense poetic community and allow the various cliques & clans of poets know what others are doing. This one covers a range of styles, from experimental to performance to fairly traditional , and so succeeds in emphasizing an eclectic geo-connectedness. On the flip side, familiarity can breed... a kind of in-bred reaction that is less review, and more the kind of thing participants should swap & argue with over after-reading beers. Some of this shows up here, too, the worst example being a reviewer's re-writing of a poem he's critiqued: such belongs in a workshop, not a review. Despite such faults, any poetic community would benefit from a publication such as this.--luigi

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #4,
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