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#7, December 1993

PO Box 7226
Nashua NH, 03060

60 pp., $5.00

The table of contents reads like a Who's Who of at least one sector of the literary underground (Howington, Bergamino, Crews, Townsend, Weinman, Shields, Bennett...), and with each page packed to the gills with words and graphics you know it's going to take awhile to read. I like to keep SHOCK-BOX in the bathroom, and every time I start to read another tale of angst and hysteria I forget what I'm doing and a half an hour later my wife is knocking on the door asking if I'm okay. There's too much in here to even begin to talk about--just buy a copy, hit the bathroom, and be ready for a roller coaster ride that skims the edge of hell.--oberc

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