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Keenly aware that language is both an imperfect mirror and a distorted window on the world, the poetry here still aims for a bit of "truth," and succeeds more than fails. Susan Smith Nash (in "From a Paleontologist's Notebook") looks for a grounding in artifact & rock, while C.S. Giscombe (in excerpts from Giscome Road) finds it in a history made personal. Other highlights: very visual excerpts from Susan Gevirtz's "Enterprise: Seagram Project" (which begins: "Lie down in aerial sleep/ awaken in view of/ torn door, mail slot,// seascape, playing field,// narrow church nave, leaded glass,// rear view mirror,// space between slats,// of wood fence"); & Cynthia Kimball's striking orality & image.--luigi

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #4,
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