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#4, 1993

10 Orton Place #2
Buffalo, NY, 14202


More exciting with each issue. Kim Rosenfield's "Wandering Uterus" seduces the reader with intoxicating gender-inflected discourse about the process of writing poetry. Bernstein's "A Test of Poetry" echoes his "A Defense of Poetry" (in AERIAL 6/7); Joe Ross's playfulness mixes with acerbic digs at our culture; Spencer Selby's "No Way" is constructed of couplets that hint of doppelganger.--Susan Smith Nash

Textual poetry mostly of the Language-centered school. As a critic, I especially enjoyed the Charles Bernstein contribution, for it consists of a list of the comments--questions, actually--that a Chinese translator has for a poet about his poems; so we get a mind struggling with poems, and--obliquely but intriguingly--the poems struggled with. Great high-prose by Sheila Murphy, too.--Bob Grumman

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