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Amy Sparks:

Burning Press
PO Box 585
Lakewood OH, 44107

36 pp., $5.00

For a woman who's won quite a few rough & tumble Poetry Slams, Amy Sparks writes a surprisingly quiet and introspective poetry filled with delicate imagery. Her subjects, however, are often less than delicate. From her "Brownsville, Texas": "A woman wakes before dawn hearing a coarse wind blowing through her womb. The sun stuns the pavement. The river takes its trash, tail between legs, to the sea." Among the best work here is "Histories," a set of prose poems about a trip through Europe. Here Sparks builds dreamy scenarios with simple declarative sentences. From "Malaga": "Lie and listen to a language you cannot speak. The stories are intricate and loud. They mean nothing. Your tongue is unmoved. But your ears are wound tight as metal coils." Fine work.--Thomas Willoch

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #4,
Copyright Burning Press 1994, 1995.

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