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Jerme Spew:

Synthetic Productions
PO Box 3506
Oakland CA, 94609

32 pp., $4.00

Jerme Spew is part of the San Francisco publishing group that put the likes of Henry Rollins to shame. These people (the Manic D, Andromeda, and Synthetic Productions crews) network well, and carry an edge that most publishers are afraid to touch for fear of getting injured. In this collection we catch Spew's observations of a world that should have been knocked out of orbit 100 years ago, but continues on in a low budget sci-fi b-flick reality. We get tales of jail stints, self-administered abortions, spoken word performances where the audience attacks the speaker, vivid descriptions of the urinals in the Asby BART station, and a hundred other evils people lock their doors to hide from. This isn't easy writing to take, but it is necessary, because the world is not, in fact, a pretty place, and closing your eyes won't make it go away.--oberc

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