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Vol. 12 #1, 1993

PO Box 392
Portlandville NY, 13834

40 pp., $2.50

I really like this magazine for a couple of reasons: first, it's so packed to the gills with carefully selected, well written poems that it carries the weight of publications with three or four times the number of pages; second, it's got great graphics mixed in that seem right at home with the poetry. My wife was looking for a poem to read in class and she really enjoyed Ralph Hammon's "Cantos of Light", with the opening lines: "As a curious child/ I didn't understand/ why I couldn't hold sunlight/ in the palm of my hand/ when I went inside where it/ lost itself to shadow." I, on the other hand, went after Ken Stone's poem "Sex": "Sex/ is/ for/ those/ who/ know/ how/ to/ gain/ pleasure/ from/ every/ act," and Dorthy Dreher's "The Sabbath": "Wild in the moonlight/ with eyes aflame/ we fuck like goats,/ groan and lick/ like rivers of fire."--oberc

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