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#11, September 1993

Rt. 6 Box 138
Charleston WV, 25311

22 pp., $1.00

Think of this project as a paper version of a computer bulletin board, such as rec.arts.poems on the Internet. From the variety and organization (or lack of it) it seems most everyone who contributes something appears in print, which is appropriate for a publication that has such a strong emphasis on networking (including computer networking). After several multi-contributor issues, it looks like TRANSMOG is rapidly becoming the place to post the latest experimental language/surreal developments. The graphic artwork is particularly notable in this issue. Some favorite poems: any of the many John M. Bennett pieces, "My Impression of M. C. Escher" by Daniel Sattler, "Poetry My Ass," work by Evan Pappas, the Ficus/Bennett visual collaboration, and Michael Basinski's "NOTATION Page 48". I'm sure I missed lots, or left them for you to discover.--Andrew Russ

Another smoking issue from Ficus' dungeon, and the crowd he's assembled strips away those layers of inhibition you've been saving for your children. John M. Bennett's contorted calligraphy, Alex V. Cook's mesosticing, astonishingly weird drawing by Duke Andrews, Blair Wilson, Harold Dinkel, Sean Winchester... Bill Paulauskas and Harry Polkinhorn drop in with textual inventions. But this is a small fragment of the work. This is the joyous edge, the cells of human consciousness run amok. The next best thing to whizzing on an electric fence.--Jake Berry

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