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Rupert Wondolowski:

Shattered Wig Prods
2407 Maryland Ave. Apt. #1
Baltimore MD, 21218

30 pp., $3.00

A new collection in which Wondolowski continues to develop his unique visceral surrealism: the poems are intense, playful, melancholic, sardonic, and intelligent: "Your bunghole with chives would be a treat and a surprise as the buildings crumble like teeth. A tropical winter with leaders brain dead, the monkey pulls the blind man on a blood spattered sled." (from "Shiny Pencils") These excellent poems vary from the long and expansive to the short and allusive, and are accompanied by surrealist comic-like drawings by Mok Hossfeld.--John M. Bennett

This adorable bright-yellow chapbook should be made into a film by Cronenberg or Lynch, or a billboard for Casa de Rachmaninoff Music Box and Nose- piercing Boutique. I blushed when I read the words: "I saw you outside the convenience store and you looked so beautiful." Wondolowski is lyric and personal. And still, he knows how to motivate the soft-machine scientist in me with such works as "researchers are growing hair in a test tube" and "that night we played the mole game (for China and Clover)." Ghastly but deliciously hairball.--Susan Smith Nash

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