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XIB #5, 1993

PO Box 262112
San Diego CA, 92126

56 pp., $5.00

A nice collection of otherstream poetry and illumagery that also includes some good poems and short stories by more knownstream writers. My favorite of the latter is Jim Mikiley's "The Arresting Officer Tells Me to Start At The Beginning," which is about a nun who held up the poem's narrator too long in a drugstore check-out line.--Bob Grumman

I like this magazine, and Tolek edits it with a fine tuned mix of excellent graphics, poetry, fiction, and ideas. Tolek knows the underground, and this exploration into turf that would make most normal people turn their heads away shows he's not afraid to take chances. Many of the pieces in this collection left me thinking, reminded me of scenes from real life that were intense at the time, but were quickly forgot in a denial state because they were so disturbing.--oberc

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