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# 300, April 1993

1357 Lansdowne Ave.
Toronto, Ontario

1 pp., 1 Canadian cent plus lots of postage

Pretty amazing what one cent will get you these days: a commemorative anthology of previous issues of 1CENT, 3 cent Pulp, 2 Bit Poetry, and the Ganglia 5 cent Mini Mimeo Series, plus some excerpts from works in lieu of a review and a few new poems. Lovingly rubberstamped on scraps of paper and hand-sewn into a book. The poems themselves are generally short (less than ten lines) and maybe a bit zen-like (or paradoxical). A large number of mostly Canadian poets, such as Richard Truhlar, Michael Ondaatje, The Four Horsemen, Stuart Ross, Guy R. Beining, appear.--Andrew Russ

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #5,
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