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Vol. 4 # 13

PO Box 22068
Albuquerque NM, 87154

104 pp.

This issue of ATOM MIND bears a grinning picture of the late Frank Zappa on the cover as tribute. Suzy Creamcheese--Zappa's blunt-end-of-a-joke embodiment of the middle class plebeian mindset--is also quoted. Inside, under glossy covers, we find poetry and short fiction by the likes of Michael Estabrook, Errol Miller, Ann Newell, Gerald Locklin, and many others. In every issue, ATOM MIND pays homage to a poet of long-standing achievement with it's "Living Poets Series"--Winter 1994 profiles Carol Berge. There are graphics by the inestimable R. Crumb, and Wayne Hogan among others. "Cowboys & Poetry," by Kendall McCook, is essential reading for those interested in the diversity of American poetry; the article profiles cowboy poet Kell Robertson. In the tradition of THE WORMWOOD REVIEW and THE NEW YORK QUARTERLY, ATOM MIND chronicles underground America's unknown poets.--Kurt Nimmo

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #5,
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