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#20, January 1994

PO Box 1983
Cincinnati OH, 45201

18 pp., $1.00

Due to the proliferation of computers and small copying machines, we are now witnessing a large increase in small and independently produced zines. AVALON RISING is a good example of this multiplication; it's under 20 pages, printed on cheap bond, and the type is computer generated. Michael Estabrook, Eroll Miller, Robert W. Howington are included in this issue. There's a personal flavor to the zine; editor Tebbs indicates her sincere desire "to quit smoking." Of particular interest is an interview with poet Michael Estabrook. As for the obscurity of American poetry, he cites the experience of Emily Dickinson, who "wrote great poetry & hid it in the bottom of her underwear drawer," only to be discovered later. Much of AVALON RISING is a good read, though the zine's small size leaves you searching for more.--Kurt Nimmo

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