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Dodie Bellamy:

Leave Books
57 Livingston St.
Buffalo NY, 14213

16 pp., $4.00

This installment of The letters of Mina Harker actually includes a letter from Bob Gluck to Dodie Bellamy, a letter to Mina (Dodie) from Cassandra (Ron Day), and the letter in answer, from Mina to Cassandra. In her answer, Mina works in, around, through, and ultimately in spite of the request which Bob has asked of Dodie: to write "5-10 observations of aspects of having a woman's body." Mina's response is alternately playful, exasperated, pissed off, and ultimately takes off in its own direction--a thinking, a sexy and fabulous world embedded in a letter. Bellamy's writing sparks and whines, glides, pulls you up short, engages in bouts of the limbo beneath inhumanely low bars. This little book is a great introduction to the wonders of Bellamy's work.--Jessica Grim

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