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John M. Bennett & Johnny Brewton:

Luna Bisonte Prods
137 Leland Ave.
Columbus OH, 43214

8 pp., $2.00

(coproduced w/ Pneumatic Press, PO Box 170011, San Francisco CA, 94117)

Graphic images, mostly of watering cans, by Brewton; poems by Bennett. Like many of Bennett's poems, these have anti-titles, uppercase & catty-corner to their main titles. A mere eccentricity 'til you start thinking about it, about text sandwiched between titles, titles clashing or harmonizing; or is the anti-title the first half of an inevitable next poem's title? Bennett keeps on makin' you work.--Bob Grumman

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #5,
Copyright Burning Press 1994, 1996.

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