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#2, 1993

4083 Clark, Montreal
Quebec, CANADA, H2W 1X1

20 pp., $4.00

This magazine is an irregular review of spoken word recordings. Most of the reviews are short and precise and explanatory. The poetry word on cassette is well represented: John M. Bennett, Bob Z., John Cage, Bern Porter, Kurt Schwitters, Gregory Whitehead... plus radio station listings, & more. A must for those involved in the world of poetry/sound performance, recording, and distribution. A network before the eye. The big & the small without prejudice, and addresses galore.--Micheal Basinski




Focusing on reviewing spoken word recordings, audio and video, and also listing Radio Stations sympathetic to spoken word, and addresses from which you might obtain such. This is an excellent and desperately needed resource. The reviews are short, descriptive and enough to give you an idea about the recording in question. If you have any interest at all in the sound and vision of contemporary poetics check this out.--Jake Berry

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