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#66, Winter 1992-1993)

422 N. Cleveland Street
Arlington VA, 22201

68 pp, $4.00

Subtitled "An Anglo-American Journal," which includes poetry from England, the Commonwealth countries, and America. One hundred contributors, including Androla, Bukowski, Daldorph, C.A. Townsend and Nielsen in this issue--a quantity of memorable, diverse poetic styles. Tension/balance as irrelevance struggles with directness and originality: time, place, incident, and persona in each poem--and often a Beat-current--pushes us along against a minimalist tide of realities. "logical kisses/ through a surgical/ mask" Dave Ward of Liverpool serves us his image of a street-wise female, and images like this, clear and enticing, fill each page. From the late Buk, "there was nothing to say/ there never will be anything to say/ we live, we die, huh?" Art work included in this issue is Wayne Hogan's pop surrealistic icons, merry and mysterious. --R.R. Lee Etzwiler

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