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Vol XII #1, Spring 1993

Rt. 2 Box 111
St. John KS, 67576

48 pp., $3.00

In this issue, Todd Moore graces the front cover, and some of his short Dillinger poems fly at you with lines like "i've never told/ anyone abt being/ a dillinger/ hostage 'til now/ i remember the/ wind how cold/ it was...", and "the whole idea/ dillinger sed/ is to make/ bank robbery/ a business...". There's also an interview with Todd about his growing up in Illinois which fills in the blanks for folks who only know him by his work. Mark Weber does an excellent interview with Judson Crews that crawls into this wild man's head, and follows up with some of Judson's poems about women, Christ, etc. Plus Bill Shields, Ana Pine, Arthur Winfield Knight, and a few book reviews--a read that'll keep you busy for a day or two.--Oberc

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