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Judson Crews:

Vergin Press
PO Box 370322
El Paso TX, 79937

47 pp., $5.95

This memoir's just a slice from the long and complex life of Judson Crews. Yes, he talks about Henry Miller--and Anais Nin and lots of other "well known" folks. The core of this stream-of-consciousness autobio bit (reportedly culled from more than 10,000 pages of notes and journals) is a year he spent at Big Sur, often in the company of Henry Miller. An intimate look at Miller & surrounding people, the times, and Judson's own state of mind. But it's not plodding, introspective stuff--as Belinda Subraman says in her forward, unlike "Anais Nin's... artfully, self-conscious diaries" this is "candid, thoughtful... a perspective on Henry Miller and the Big Sur days that would be quite different from any others."--Roger-Kyle Keith

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