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Jeff Derksen:

201-1019 East Cordova
Vancouver BC, V6A 1M8

98 pp., $9.95

Derksen scrutinizes all; the pieces in this book are the ongoing critique of living the life he lives--the culture, the politics; nothing escapes, nothing devolves into sentimentality, everything receives a keen, if sometimes merely whispered, analysis. It is observation with edge, with keen insight, with a fair amount of cynicism, and a pleasing, sometimes brilliant, play on language. The pieces in the book vary interestingly both formally, and in what they take on. "Hold on to your bag, Betty" is a wonderful, resonant and sometimes lush "report" from foreign lands; "Temp Corp", the final piece in the book, is spare but emotionally packed, held very close to the line of breaking, tracing a kind of emotional pain that only loss engenders. A wonderful book from this up n' coming Canadian writer.--Jessica Grim

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #5,
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