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Vol. 2 #2, Spring 1994

149 Virginia St. #7
St. Paul MN, 55102

8 pp., free fr postage (52c)

The "New & Neglected" column is still here, featuring reviews of Jack Spicer, Jonathan Brannen, Andrew Joran and a few others. But the balance seems to shift more & more toward the satirical and humorous--an interview with the Devil on how to make it in the poetry world; an excerpt from the forthcoming "Selected Blurbs and Prefaces of Robert Creeley"; Tom Phan's catalog of fingernail references in Samuel R. Delany's autobiography; and a list of soon-to-be-chic Poetry Fashions. The humor is smart and pointed, almost bitter--inside jokes for the not quite insiders of the poetry world.--luigi

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #5,
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