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Robert W. Howington and C.F. Roberts:

Wormfeast Press
PO Box 519
Westminster MD, 21158

18 pp., $3.00

The shock value of this chapbook would undoubtedly outrage Miss Manners. There are images of murder, torture, flatulation, animal copulation, vomit, and kinky sex. Robert W. Howington is described as "poet, nut, admirer of serial killers & Bukowski," and C.F. Roberts is "sickly, sweet, painful, vampires and goblins." Now that we have parameters, let me go on to say Howington throws in crude stick-cartoons of oral sex. I don't know why. Truly representative of the shock poetry underground, the kind of stuff that you never show to children, and which raises the hackles of born-again Christians and the prosecutor's office alike.--Kurt Nimmo

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #5,
Copyright Burning Press 1994, 1996.

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