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Vol. 2 #2, Winter 1993

PO Box 40101
Pasadena CA, 91114

32 pp., $3.00

An elegant range of work, wider than might seem at first, attesting to the judgment of editors Kevin Joy and Marcia Arrieta. Evocative fables (Simon Perchik, Bernard Hewitt) co-existing with 21st century zen (Randall Brock, Thomas Willoch) and visual poetry (Arrieta, Greg Bryant).--Dan Raphael

A carefully chosen collection of work by 21 poets with each poem featured on a page to itself. There are a number of nicely imagistic poems here, such as those by Corrine DeWinter and Bernard Hewitt; some excellent minimalist pieces by Thomas Willoch, Guy R. Beining, Marica Arrieta, Ann Erickson, and others; and some fine surrealist deconstructionist work by Kevin Joy, Jeffrey Skeate, and Gregory K.H. Bryant. A nicely produced magazine in which the work, though displaying great stylistic variety, has in common a fine delicacy, imagistic sensibility, and lack or verbosity.--John M. Bennett

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