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Lauren Leja:

Primal Publishing
107 Brighton Ave.
Allston MA, 02134

10 pp., $2.50

(#l in the Primal Publishing Singles Club) Leja writes long spontaneous stream of consciousness lines, and they always carry an edge. The first story in this chap, HISTORY, crawls into the drunken confessional of a woman just picked up by some guy who carries more luggage than most tourists. The story QUICKSAND carries another self destructive woman into the gutter... and i start to wonder why the women in these stories keep walking into stupid fucked up situations, as if they'd all just stepped off the bus from the suburbs. And it is probably that element, that lack of street sense and survival instincts, that makes these stories so fascinating. The only complaint I have is that $2.50 is a lot of money for ten 5" x 5" pages.--Oberc

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